Saturday, July 17, 2010

Connected - Sold

I liked the idea of internet connections even though she's a solitary figure, probably home alone. I wonder how connected that really is? How connected can one be looking at a computer screen without hearing the inflections of the voice that make connecting in person so much more meaningful when you can hear the emotions in the spoken word? Just some questions I have.

20" X 20" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. $800

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Mike said...

You think of all the great letters that were written in the days when people connected on line after line of text mailed some times over oceans not sure it would even arrive within the year. They were connected and often on a deep intellectual level. The beauty they had was the depth of thought in their communication.
Now this lady is probably connected, like women chatting together while their kids take swimming lessons or guys sharing nods or short vignettes in their daily interactions at work. It's not deep, but the connection is instant and the sense of acknowledgement is important, giving people a sense of value and belonging. Looking at this woman I would say you've captured the look of one seeking value affirmation and a sense of belonging.