Monday, August 31, 2009

Mixed media by accident!

I am only posting this so you know I am still alive and semi active. This is such a disaster and a big laugh for me. I thought I'd get out some brushes, paints and have a go at getting into a groove again. I grabbed some paper and laid it out, got my paints, water and brushes and started in. It felt good after such a long absence but I couldn't figure out why the darn paper was reacting so differently to the water. The paper was getting all warped and I was getting disgusted so I walked away. Later I came back and the paper had dried and gone nice & flat again. It was then I realized that I was using pastel paper not watercolor paper! After painting all the underpaint in acrylic and then topped it off with pastels. We'll consider this mixed media and call it a mess & done. I'll try to get more organized! It's a nightmare to move your studio! Haven't yet figured out what I am doing and it shows.

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