Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home again in my new digs!

Just a quick update.....I am finally in my own home again. It's quite a different space and I still have a lot of unpacking and exploring to do before I pick up a paint brush. My son was here for a week and showed me how to use the streetcars and pointed out the good brew pubs (we have divergent interests)! I have some furniture, some dishes, a laundry setup, and a wine opener. That pretty well put me in the business of living. My terrace is amazing and it's great place to spend some time. Being on the 5th floor allows you to sit out there unobserved and still watch the folks passing in the streets below. I love it here and I feel so invigorated and somehow renewed. I won't be painting for at least another month. Construction in my studio room does not begin until Aug 17th....