Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ramon (Private Collection)

Meet Ramon. He is one of the gardening crew that comes through every week. Ramon is older than the rest of the crew they usually leave the heavy lifting and sweeping to him. He never stops working and does a careful job. One day I asked the supervisor to ask Ramon if I could take a photo so I could paint him. After a fair amount of translation and the rest of the crew getting involved, Ramon put down his tools and came and stood at attention in front of me. I wanted to laugh but - he put his shoulders back and stood up straight and tall. He looked so proud. I think I will frame this and give it to him.

Acrylic on 140# cold press Arches paper 11" X 14" NFS

1 comment:

José said...


You've acomplished a good work on this one.
I quite like the subtle colour of the cast shadow.

Kind regards,