Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gallery Representation

The Artists Showplace has accepted me as an associate of their gallery. As an artist, I can not think of a better gallery to represent you than this one owned and operated by a group of artists. It's a marvelous gallery and the thought and care that goes into it, is apparent the moment you walk in. For the next two weeks my art is split between two spaces, but once the gallery is rotated in two weeks, they will reside together. The entire gallery is rotated 4 times a year which keeps it fresh and surprising.

Here are a couple of photos of my work hung. The dancers are in the front window so it was difficult to get a good photo. My Blues series over powers it's neighbors at present because of the strong colors. This will all work itself out at rotation. You may notice that the female singer in my Blues series is MIA. She has already found a home in Manhattan NY.

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